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"Elisa Wallnöfer knows no standardized academic playing. Her performances stand out for their authenticity. Elisa has a charismatic aura onstage and captivates the audience right away. She possesses a boundless artistic ambition and already has her own musical signature."

       Franz Wagner,

  initiator “Lech Classic Festival”,

  former long-standing ORF music editor

Daily "Dolomiten": What is the piano for you?

Elisa Wallnöfer: "It’s a means of expressing emotions and ideologies, a piece of matter that can create atmosphere through human hands. The piano is an ingenious work of art that allows me to establish an invisible, wordless and peaceful interpersonal connection beyond origin, education or wealth. This might sound lofty but it’s what I feel, honestly and in awe."

Pianistin Elisa Wallnöfer - Lech Classic Festival 2017 am Fazioli Pianoforti
Elisa Wallnöfer

The young South Tyrolean Elisa Wallnöfer is a concert pianist based in Vienna, Austria.

Most recently she performed with the Philharmonia Baltyka in Gdansk, Poland and was the principal soloist with five piano concerts at the Lech Classic Festival.


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